Wily1mugshot Wily's Hideout 1
The central courtyard complete with Big Eye
Map creator(s) CutmanMike
Map code MM1DW1
Music Mega Man - Wily Stages 1
Music Code 1DW1MUS
Map size Small-Medium
Based on Mega Man
Available Weapons WepIconDWN020-HardWepIconDWN041-BlizzardWepIconDWN013-CrashWepIconMegaBallWepIconDLN007-FireWepIconDWN022-SnakeWepIconDWN009-MetalWepIconDLN004-Guts
Available Items ItemIcon-ETankItemIcon-TangoRoll

Dr. Wily's Hideout 1 is the first map in MM8BDM that is not based on a robot master's stage. Instead, this level takes its theme from the first two Wily stages of Mega Man 1. It has no special gimmicks aside from a tight, constricted layout characteristic of many maps designed early in the game's life. It is notable for having ledges holding valuable weapons closed in by mesh, which are some of the only dead ends in the game.


Wily's Hideout 1 is made up of a central exterior courtyard surrounded by a series of connected interior hallways. The Blizzard Attack is found on the lower level of the open courtyard. The large hallway neighboring this courtyard contains the Search Snake and the Hard Knuckle for dangerous fights. By taking the ladder at the end of the hallway, you can grab the Fire Storm in the corner; continuing forward through the short, curving hallway will guide you back to the courtyard, with the Tango Roll at the end of the hall. You may also want to pick up the Metal Blade on the upper courtyard platform!

The Super Arm visible on the top of a courtyard ledge can be accessed by going along the upper ledge in the large hallway leading from the Fire Storm location. You can also grab it by bouncing on the Mega Ball, which is found just inside the nearby ground-level hallway. Finally, you can collect a useful E-Tank and the Crash Bomber by checking the dead-end hallways in the upper area of the building near the Metal Blade's location.

Just outside the courtyard are two bouncing Big Eye enemies. Oddly enough, in V1 of MM8BDM, attempting to jump up to the ledge containing the Big Eyes results in teleportation to a nearby platform instead of the usual denial by an invisible wall.


A map of Wily Hideout 1


Wily's Hideout 1 is a small map that has many narrow corridors, making it easy to catch foes in tight spaces, where they will be unable to dodge most attacks. Take advantage of powerful weapons like the Hard Knuckle and Crash Bomber to finish off trapped enemies quickly. Just don't venture too far in or you'll risk being trapped yourself! Blizzard Attack and Super Arm are better for shootouts in the open courtyard. Use Blizzard attack for crowd control and Super Arm for adversaries that back up into one of the area's three crates.


The Yashichi is hidden out the window near the Wind Storm's location


V1 to V2

The stairs linking the Blizzard Attack area to the Metal Blade platform are different. In V1, you had to jump to climb them, whereas in V2, you can climb the stairs by walking. An invisible wall has been added to keep players from reaching the Big Eye ledge.

V3A to V3B

Replaced Wind Storm with Search Snake.