WepIconDWN014-Flash Time Stopper Flashmansprite
Weapon code TimeStopperWep
Comes from Mega Man 2
Weapon color scheme Purple-on-pink
Fire rate Extremely fast
Missile speed ---
Capacity 1 (5 sec.)
Weapon hotkey/type [6] Area of effect
Damage 0
Appears in
these maps

The Time Stopper is a rare utility weapon that freezes all other players and projectiles for a limited time. The duration cannot be extended by picking up weapon energy capsules. When the player runs out of weapon energy, the weapon breaks and they automatically switch to the Mega Buster. In Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch, the only stages the weapon is found in are Quick Man's, Flash Man's and the Skull Castle Entrance . It is also dropped by Flash Man in the robot master endurance battle and can be given out by Eddie.


Using Time Stopper

You can't attack while Time Stopper is active, so it is best used as a defensive weapon for when you are low on health. It also stops the lasers in Quick Man's Stage. Make the most of your limited safety to grab some items!

Vs. Time Stopper

Use the pause in the action from time stopper to formulate a plan on how to move next. If you see the user of the time stopper, hunt him down as he's likely to be unprepared and/or low on health.