Firemugshot Fire Man
Buuuurn ! The flames of justice !
Map creator(s) CutmanMike
Map code MM1FIR
Music Mega Man- Fire Man Stage
Music Code FIRMUS
Map size Small-Medium
Based on Mega Man
Available Weapons WepIconDLN003-CutWepIconDWN019-GeminiWepIconDLN006-BombWepIconWaterBalloonWepIconScorchWheelWepIconDLN007-FireWepIconDWN015-Heat
Available Items ItemIcon-EddieItemIcon-WTank

Fire Man's Stage is metal smelting plant in the middle of a sea of fire! This map is constricted, crowded and dangerous at all times! In two places crossing its narrow corridors, walls of fire flow through a chute, requiring good timing to not get burned. There's also the danger of lava pits in this map's eastern half! If you keep your cool though, Fire Man's stage can be a quick win.

In Version 5, beating the level results in a duel against Mega Man?.


Fire Man's stage consists of several symmetrical hallways surrounding a central large hallway. At the bottom of this hall way, in a large room, is a Rolling Cutter. By going up the slope nearby you will find a Gemini Laser. This main hallway leads to the upper room with Scorch Wheel, and an Eddie Call right behind the wall. Behind that there is a small nook with two teleporters that take you to lookouts above either side of the Rolling Cutter area that contain Atomic Fire or Hyper Bomb. The entrances and ladders branching off from the center of the map take you to a Fire Storm and the aforementioned fire traps, which guard W-Tanks. Nearby, in a very small room overlooking the ocean of flames, is a Water Balloon.


A map of Fire Man's stage.


Much like in Cut Man's Stage, it's easy to take advantage of the narrow corridors in Fire Man's stage to score frags. Gemini Laser is ideal for causing havoc in the side hallways while Rolling Cutter can easily pick off targets near the back room. On larger servers, you can rack up points just by tossing Scorch Wheel down the center hallway or running around spamming Hyper Bombs. In the chaos, your foes won't know what hit them! Finally, avoid Atomic Fire except on smaller games. Its slow charge time will likely get you killed before you can unleash its power.


Fireman's Yashichi is located above the lava near the Hyper Bomb on the southern part of the stage


V1 to V2

In the V1, there were solid square stairs instead of a slope in the main hall. The Scorch Wheel weapon was originally the Metal Blade, because the V2 update hadn't been made yet. The fire traps' damages increased.

V2 to V3

The Gemini Laser and the Rolling Cutter switched places, the Hyper Bombs were replaced with Water Balloons, and one of the Atomic Fires was replaced with a Hyper Bomb.